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Kilungya Kavata

Child Rescue

Age: 9

Place: FAME Mission Centre

Gender: Male

Kilungya Kavata has been waiting 738 days for a sponsor.

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Kilungya is part of a family with 9 children who are all related but from separate parents. Among the 9 children 2 of them are his siblings. There is only one surviving parent among the 9 children and they are all being cared for by the one surviving mother and grandmother. They have no reliable source of income. The area which they live is also not safe because of bandits. The family sometimes sleep in the bush because of safety. They also go many days without food. It was recommended that Kilungya and 3 of his cousins be rescued by FAME Mission. They were committed through the courts into our care for a period of 3 years in the hopes that the home situation will improve and the boys can return home.

F.A.M.E. is an independent organisation that seeks to evangelize through medicine and other humanitarian aid in remote areas of Eastern Kenya.

Fame Mission utilises the privation and poverty found in all developing countries to evangelistic ends. In Kenya, water wells, medical clinic, orphanage work and famine relief comprise the main areas of this service.

These things are not only vital to community support in and of themselves, but in providing them the mission is enabled to reach thousands with the message of Christ and Gods Redeeming Love.

We have an all African staff in our Orphanage and clinic which allows our missionary to actively pursue Evangelism in Schools, Churches, Markets and Saturday night video outreach in remote bush areas.